Open, direct, honest, and derived from a place of care and helpfulness.  I utilize constructive confrontation and do not leave disagreements unresolved. I invest in understanding our work styles to continuously improve my ability to work with others.


Making and meeting commitments is imperative.  And creatively finding means to gaining commitment is my opportunity to differentiate my company’s product and services, and myself.

Results Orientation

At the end of the day, our work translates into delivering the highest value products and services. If my work accomplished anything else, I was not productive, rather busy.

Team Play

The team is more important than any individual team member.  I view my number one responsibility as helping those I work with be successful because it is team wins that count.


I am committed to maintaining transparency in agenda, actions, and business dealings and expect the same from those I work and associate with.

Trust, Like, Respect

At least one of these elements need be in place for me to work effectively with another person.  I strive for all 3 to exist in all of my relationships.

Humility and Willingness

These are the cornerstone principles for my personal and professional growth.  Humility enables honest and objective self-discovery. Willingness enables action.  Together these are foundational to the path of growth and enlightenment.


My personal needs are met through abandonment of self in serving other’s needs.  Shallow and empty victory is the result of pursuit of self service.

The Journey

The journey holds the true gift for the effort; results are the byproduct of immersion of self to the journey.

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