Passionate about serving and enabling operational excellence through delivery of user centric service-oriented architecture:



  • Build and lead UX Design teams responsible for user and industry research, leading design thinking and innovation sessions, designing lo and hi fidelity interactive prototypes, conducting usability test sessions.
  • Build and manage global Supply Chain teams accountable for enhancement development and production support of; Finance, Order Management, Warehousing, and Logistics ERP solutions.
  • Integration of SAP and B2B web order management and RosettaNet PIP technical and business support.
  • Business and technical EDW and BI dashboards, reporting, and analytics development and support.
  • Establish development and business production support strategic direction and associated planning, budgeting, and resourcing.
  • Manage organizational development plans that support as-is and to-be systems, applications, and technologies.
  • Insure configuration and development changes are compliant with change and release management standards.
  • Conduct operational reviews with business partners and key stakeholders to review performance metrics, update service level agreements, operational level agreements, establish future goals, and negotiate funding.


  • Received a Vendor of Choice recognition from supply chain customers. Also, recognized as a key contributor toward IT receiving Intel Achievement Award for generating $500M savings to supply chain trading partners.
  • Reduced HC cost by 60% through the off-shoring of the development function to India and systems analyst function to Malaysia.
  • Reduced maintenance and license cost, and the IT footprint by eliminating 26 applications and tools.


  • Architect solutions that optimize data interoperability and technology integration via application programing interface services.
  • Build longitudinal patient records that enable advanced analytics to improve decision making and contextually surface data and capabilites.
  • Liaison between IT and business partners to develop unified strategies and lead the development of executable solution architecture.
  • Create, review, and champion strategies and designs throughout the business lifecycle.
  • Establish as-is and to-be reference architecture that is; user centric, technically feasible, and standard compliant.
  • Conduct research and manage key industry relationships to make directional decisions and limit exposures that maximize the business and IT investment.
  • Demonstrate positive control of the process, technology, and people to deliver highly usable, efficient, and effective solutions that deliver to adoption and utilization goals.
  • Actively communicate with customers, end-users, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders to gain and maintain common direction and understanding.


  • $2m savings in training cost by delivering a BI, machine learning, and cloud application strategy designed to deliver training at the point of need.
  • 20% accuracy improvement of finished goods shipping through automation of label instruction setting.
  • Exceeded 45-day integration of a high profile and strategic acquisition by producing the reference architecture in 33 days.
  • 60% reduction of phone support of 15k incident tickets per month.
  • Won IT recognition and R&D funding to lead the high-tech mfg. industry by integrating BPMS, SAP, IOT to deliver a spares & parts small form factor solution to the mfg. floor.
  • 33% reduction of the non-finished goods materials footprint by integrating 3 systems into single SAP PI solution.
  • 25% efficiency gain for Radiology Technicians by delivering usability architecture strategy that connects physical and logical workflows.


  • Develop and lead all aspects of organizational development function for Sutter Health Information Services including; strategic planning and change management, organization analysis and design, employee engagement and team effectiveness.


  • Successful adoption and utilization of; Incident, Problem, and Change Management capabilities.
  • Delivered the ProSci transformation framework and training to the Information Services organization.
  • Improved financial position with a $2m savings in training delivery by reducing in-class education across 12k nurses and 5k physicians.

Framework & Methodology

User Experience (UX) & Usability

User Experience (UX) & Usability encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.  There are many aspects of UX that I have employed in the Research and Design of solutions that integrate processes and technology with people:


Research, I tend to consider from two perspectives, the first are methodologies that do not disrupt or interfere with customers or users of the intended solution, and include; backend analytics, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walk-thru, GOMS (goals, objectives, measurements), KLM (Keystroke Level Monitoring), and Industry/Competitive Analysis.

Research methodologies that require human interaction are; interviews, focus groups, surveys, and direct observation.


Design, is the translation of user goals and objectives discovered through the research process and converting into solution designs.  The design process may entail the creation and use of low fidelity artifacts to communicate an idea or concept in the early stages of the design process.  As the design progresses and is validated by customers or users of the solution, the complexity may increase to hi fidelity interactive designs and prototypes.  In the design phase methodologies such as Tree Testing and Card Sorts may be employed to determine labeling, menu, and navigation designs, A/B testing to compare designs for optimized usability, and often accompany the development cycle by conducting Usability Testing to determine adoption and usability prior to release.


Service Management & Governance
Product Life Cycle (PLC)

Applications & Tools

Design & Artifacts

Artists require the right tools and ability to use the tools to turn vision into and experience, many of us might call ‘art’.  So it is for Human Factors Engineers that need the ability to digitally create designs that are highly recognizable and inherently consistent with human mental models.  In addition, take into account human limitations and conditions that people encounter when manipulating their environment to achieve a goal. A good usability practitioner will deliver a highly effective, efficient, and usable solution.  Tools I use in the design and communication process include: Balsamiq for low fidelity concepts and ideas that are then often converted to high fidelity and interactive designs and prototypes using Indigo Studio, Axure, and HTML5/CSS. Because solutions often require a workflow and have up/downstream dependencies, and require the complexity of the network stake, it is often necessary to utilize architectural tools like Visio and Provision to illustrate workflows and key connections like data transmission and storage to unify the business and technical understanding.  Other experience and skills I am regularly called upon for designing graphics and creating page and form layouts which I use the Adobe CS suite i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, Sound Booth, etc.


Analytics & Reporting
Content Management System

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Release Planning (ERP)
With >17 years experience of Supply Chain management using SAP as the Enterprise Release Planning solution as the backbone to the corporations delivery of  $12b per quarter of products and services. I was fortunate to manage support, analyst, architecture, and development functions and personnel that was responsible for the Order Management, Accounts Receivable and Credit, Finished Goods Warehousing, and Logistics & Reverse Logistics for all sales channels. There were many considerable highlights and challenges along the way but the capstone experience was reaching Gartner’s Global Supply Chain Award for making it into the top 25 and then setting and exceeding the goal of making it into the top 10 by receiving the Global Supply Chain Award for achieving the number 6 position in 2011.  
Service Management
Electronic Health Record (EHR)
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