Business Problem Being Solved

  • Deliver real-time part identification of Factory Capital Equipment to insure correct parts are ordered and released to the factory floor.
  • Predict when a part will fail and when it does, subsequent failures to prempt an unscheduled down time
  • Improve the end-to-end transparency of workflow
  • Improve Technician efficiency and effectiveness

Proof of Concept Description

  • Aggregate POC’s + Maturing Technology that drives to Materials and Factory  businees end state:  Machine Down POC, WayFinder POC, QR Code or RFID

    • Add capability to Machine Down POC to increase ecosystem participants: Factory Tech., Materials Mgr., Whse Operator, Equipment Engineer
    • RFID or QR Code to scan equipment and pull up BOM to select part
    • RFID + WayFinder to locate & create map to parts and equipment
    • CEP to predict part failures and prempt unscheduled downtimes
    • BB, iOS, Android, IA (get SMG funding for enterpriese use case that sells IA)

Proof of Concept Objectives

  • Propose extending the To Be Machine Down Business Process using novel technologies
  • Remote manage native OS capabiltiy in highly secure factor floor setting
  • Improve Capital Equipment uptime
  • Architectural template for future projects and enable refined prescriptive guidance
  • Improve business and workflow visibility across the Materials and Factory roles
  • Support Intel Sales by conducting enterprise comparison of IA and competitors

Machine Down Conceptual Process


Proof of Concept Architecture

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